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Whether you are considering Progress Sitefinity CMS, looking for a partner, or seeking resources to take your website to the next level, Your Sitefinity Experts™ at Smooth Fusion can help.

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We want you to find the right Sitefinity Partner for your organization.  Reach out to our team and we will help you determine if Smooth Fusion is the right fit for you. A good place to start is to ask your current partner or any potential partners these questions to help you make a well-informed decision. 

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A Modern DXP Built on Sitefinity CMS

DXFusion is everything you love about Sitefinity, extended to increase the efficiency of your business, with a customized design to showcase your brand, and ongoing support that extends the life of your website.  Every DXFusion site includes modules and widgets that speed up the development process, and a design system and UI toolkit to ensure a consistent look and feel as your team maintains site content.

And because DXFusion is built on Sitefinity, the ability to customize the functionality and integrate with other systems is virtually unlimited. Let DXFusion and Progress Sitefinity be the cornerstone of your digital experience platform.

Why Sitefinity CMS

Serving our clients as an exceptional implementation partner requires specialization. Smooth Fusion chose to specialize in Sitefinity™ CMS because, among other reasons, we believe it is the most user-friendly, enterprise-level CMS on the market.


Some of the outstanding features of Sitefinity CMS include:


 Drag-and-drop page builder

 for easy on-page editing


 Intuitive Interface

 for building great experiences


 Personalize content

 for different audiences


 Synchronization of content

 across environments


 Multilingual support

 to reach a global audience


 Responsive design

 for all screens and devices


 Enterprise Security

 to keep sites and data secure


 Extensible architecture

 allows for custom integrations


 Scales to accommodate

 a growing business and site traffic


 Out-of-the-box integrations

 for many enterprise systems


 Multisite management

 for companies with many sites


 Integrated SEO and tools

 to support digital marketing efforts

Our Team

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8 Certified Sitefinity Developers

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6 Advanced Sitefinity Certifications

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1 Sitefinity Consultant

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4 Sitefinity Site of the Year Awards

Our Sitefinity Services

Sitefinity Development

Work with our team of Advanced Sitefinity Certified Developers to build a completely new website from scratch on Sitefinity's content management and digital experience platform or make updates to your current one.

Discovery and Design

Get started on your next website project with our proprietary discovery and design process called Lodestar™.  We'll bring you through our three-phase process, each with its own steps and deliverables.

Site Maintenance

On-going site maintenance is critical to the long-term success of your website. Our dedicated Sitefinity team can help keep your site up-to-date and handle ongoing maintenance and support requests.

Version Upgrades

Get your CMS running on the latest version of Sitefinity. Not only bug fixes and enhanced security but new features that help your team create better content and digital experiences.


Sitefinity's extensibility allows you to integrate it with virtually any other third-party software. Our team can help bring together business systems and tools to create a cohesive digital experience.

Sitefinity Hosting

Hosting is critical to the success of your website. Get your Sitefinity website hosted on a managed hosting solution that prioritizes performance, security, and speed.

Data Analytics

Understanding your website data has many benefits to your organization's marketing and sales team. Our data analytics services provide you with metrics that matter and recommendations based on data.

Sitefinity Insight

Take your digital experiences to the next level with Sitefinity Insight. Insight will improve your website by utilizing data to personalize the customer experience, improve user engagement, and increase conversions.


Is your website set up for SEO success? Our SEO Services are specifically designed for websites that are built on Sitefinity. Our team will get your website performing at its best in search.

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Sitefinity Resources

As a Sitefinity Partner for more than a decade, we have a lot to share about Sitefinity.  Our Sitefinity Resources are created to help companies get the most out of their Sitefinity CMS. 

Here are a few Sitefinity resources we have created:

Marketing Solutions for Sitefinity CMS

We offer marketing services specific to websites built on the Sitefinity CMS platform. With over a decade of experience with Sitefinity CMS and a marketing team experienced in technical SEO, data analytics, and marketing technology, our marketing solutions aim to improve the performance, visibility, and overall user experience of your site. 

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Discovery & Design with

Smooth Fusion has a proprietary discovery and design process specifically created for sites built on the Sitefinity CMS platform. Our three-phase approach ensures all website requirements and goals are considered before implementation begins. It is truly a custom-tailored process for creating modern digital experiences in Sitefinity CMS.


Sitefinity Maintenance Experts

Smooth Fusion is a Sitefinity Partner that values the opportunity to provide  ongoing support and maintenance to our customers. Because Sitefinity is a powerful and flexible content management system, our team enjoys helping you get the most out of the platform. Whether it is security patches, updates and upgrades to the CMS, integrations with new systems, or new functionality and features, our team is built to give you the support you need. 

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View a Demo of Sitefinity 

Get a personalized demo of Sitefinity CMS from the experts.


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Selecting Sitefinity was a no brainer, but teaming up with Smooth Fusion proved to be the secret sauce to our success. Their development expertise with the product, impeccable project management skills, and patience were key to ensure we met our goals.

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Chielf Technology Officer, Mekorma

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Selected Sitefinity Resources

More Sitefinity articles and downloads from Your Sitefinity Experts™ are available on our Sitefinity Resources page.