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Although Sitefinity is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use CMS platforms out there, when it comes to designing and building a website on the platform, you should strongly consider partnering with Sitefinity Certified Developers.

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 Sitefinity Certified Developers

We have over a decade of experience with Sitefinity CMS and have designed, developed, and launched hundreds of websites using Sitefinity.  Our Sitefinity Certified Developers are dedicated to building websites only on Sitefinity. They spend hundreds of hours a month on the platform, solving complex issues, building custom widgets, and finding ways to be more innovative and efficient in the development process. 

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 Developers that Understand Your Goals

Our developers don't work in silos. They are a part of a team that focuses on client needs, expectations, and goals. We believe that the people who are building your website should be well-informed of the goals and requirements of the project. This creates a team of developers who are empowered to push beyond just meeting expectations — a development team that is focused on creating truly exceptional websites for our clients.  

Our Three-Phase Approach

Our three-phase approach sets us apart. It ensures a smooth process from start to finish. 

Phase One 

Discovery & Design 

Before development begins on your project, it goes through our proprietary discovery and design process that we call Lodestar. Following this process ensures that steps are not missed and the blueprint for the site will achieve the original vision for the project. 

The discovery and design process will...

  • Ensure all of the project's original goals are considered
  • Give all stakeholders a voice
  • Ensure that the budget and schedule are in alignment
  • Ensure that the final design aligns with the brand while honoring the natural constraints of the web
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Phase Two 

Implementation, Training, and Content Migration 

Phase two takes your project from blueprint to working software. During phase two is when development begins and your site starts to come to life.  The previous discovery and design process has given our development team the blueprint for building your Sitefinity site. 

During implementation, we will...

  • Establish a regular cadence for feature implementation, acceptance testing, training, and content migration
  • Rapidly adjust design and implementation details based on your feedback
  • Position you for a strong website launch

Phase Three 

Observation and Maintenance 

Nothing sparks creativity or identifies problems quite like watching real users interact with your website. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and qualitative metrics will be gathered during the weeks and months following the launch of your site. Some budget will be reserved to make ongoing adjustments in a future phase of work based on these observations. During this phase, we will consider the type of support your website will need after it's launched. Services like ongoing Sitefinity maintenance or SEO reporting are extremely helpful to measure the success of your new website. 

During phase three ask questions like...

  • Are your users finding the content they need?
  • Do content managers have the power and flexibility to make changes?
  • Is the site performing well? (page load speeds, SEO, etc.)
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10 Questions to Ask a Potential Sitefinity CMS Implementation Partner 

Sitefinity is a user-friendly, scalable, and full-featured enterprise content management system. But to get the most out of Sitefinity CMS, and to ensure that your implementation is done properly, you need the right implementation partner. After all, the implementation partner becomes an extension of your organization's in-house team.

Here are 10 questions you should ask potential Sitefinity implementation partners during the evaluation process. 


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