Sitefinity Insight Support and Training

Let us help your company get set up and provide hands-on training so your team can start creating personalized digital experiences with Sitefinity Insight. 

What is Sitefinity Insight?

Sitefinity Insight is a standalone SAS product that connects to your Sitefinity CMS instance. It helps you gain a better understanding of your audience, gain insights from site visitors, and craft personalized marketing messages that help convert these visitors into leads. 

Create Data-Driven Digital Experiences

Your website is comprised of touchpoints that can be measured and leveraged to create a personalized digital experience for your site users.  It is what consumers have come to expect when visiting a website. Sitefinity Insight provides marketers with data that allows them to constantly personalize, customize, and optimize their websites.

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Sitefinity Insight Will Help Your Company...

  • Better understand the customer journey 
  • Get data on interactions across multiple channels
  • Define touchpoints and user engagements
  • Track, analyze, and learn how to increase conversions
  • Segment users and define personas based on visitor data
  • Create lead scoring models based on user behavior
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Let Us Help You Get Started

Smooth Fusion is a Sitefinity Certified Partner with over a decade of experience building websites on Sitefinity.  We can help you get started with Sitefinity Insight and begin the journey of creating better digital experiences on your website.  

Here are some of the services we provide related to Sitefinity Insight:

  • Connecting Sitefinity Insight to Sitefinity CMS
  • Connect Sitefinity Insight to your CRM
  • Sitefinity Insight training sessions
  • Sitefinity Insight consulting 


Let us Help Get You Started with Sitefinity Insight

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