Sitefinity Tutorials

Our Sitefinity Tutorials are created to help content managers and marketers be successful with Sitefinity CMS.

PDF Sitefinity Tutorials for Download

We currently have versions 11, 12.2, and 13 available for download. Once you fill out the form below, you will be redirected to a page to select the version you wish to download. 

Our tutorials cover the following topics: 

  • Getting started (log-in, dashboard, navigation)
  • Pages (Status, creating new pages, page features, etc.)
  • Widgets (content block widgets, image gallery widgets, etc.) 
  • Content (News, blogs, events, etc.) 
  • Administration (Users, roles and permissions, etc.) 
  • Marketing (Analytics, personalization, etc.)
  • Sitefinity Insight (Campaigns, touch points, A/B tests, etc.)