Who We Are

We are a technical group established specifically to meet the needs of marketers. Our team is made up of strategists, project managers, software engineers, developers, designers, and quality assurance specialists. By working in specific roles within a professional process, we ensure the success of our clients’ initiatives.

Since 2001, who we are
What we do at Smooth Fusion

What We Do

We help marketers achieve their goals through the planning and implementation of digital strategy, whether that means building and maintaining web sites, developing mobile and responsive applications, supporting social sharing, or creating the backend that drives it all. Whatever technical challenges marketers face, we are here to help.


Who We Serve

We serve well-known brands and agencies worldwide in a variety of industries and verticals, including consumer products, technology, healthcare, insurance and financial services. No matter the industry, we have a history of client relationships developing into long-term partnerships. 

Who we serve as Smooth Fusion

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