Janae Allen Named Progress Sitefinity Champion

progress sitefinity champion program - janae allen
Written By Jake Picken

We are proud to announce that our VP of Production, Janae Allen, has been named a Progress Sitefinity Champion. The Progress Sitefinity Champion Program recognizes individuals who have exceptional knowledge and expertise in Sitefinity and impact in the Progress Community.

Janae has been with Smooth Fusion since 2005 and has worked with Sitefinity since the very beginning of the product. As the VP of Production, Janae leads teams of software engineers, developers, designers, and quality assurance specialists, all of which make up what we call our Production Team. 

Janae is not only one of the most experienced when it comes to Sitefinity CMS but she has deep knowledge of other software applications, programming languages, web technologies, and development frameworks. Over the years, she's led our team through hundreds of custom web and software projects and continues to effectively lead our team to be the best at their craft, so we can ultimately deliver the best solutions to our clients. 

The Progress Champions program is the new name given to the previous Progress MVP program (or Sitefinity Ninjas) and the designation, according to Progress, is given to individuals who are "the best amongst us" and those who are...

  • Influencers in the industry
  • Respectful & work towards including everyone
  • Active and integral part of the software development community
  • Continually educating and inspiring others towards success
  • Experts in products/frameworks/tools from Progress Software

Janae is uniquely qualified to be a Progress Sitefinity Champion.  Well done Janae on this much-deserved designation!

Learn more about the Sitefinity Champions program and see the entire list of individuals who received this title.