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smooth musings - a podcast by Smooth Fusion
Written By Jake Picken

We are excited to announce the recent launch of our podcast, Smooth Musings.

Smooth Musings is about everything enterprise web development, design, marketing, and technology: all episodes are packed with insightful conversations, expert interviews, and thought-provoking discussions that aim to educate and help listeners generate ideas, formulate strategies, and ultimately help their companies grow a sustainable digital presence.

This podcast was mainly created to help marketers grasp the complexity of web development and design while providing practical tips on how the right mix of marketing and technology can help organizations create better customer digital experiences. 

Podcasts have always been an effective way to share ideas and expertise while connecting with different audiences.  Smooth Fusion publishes more Sitefinity-related content than any other Progress Sitefinity Partner, but this content is mainly created and published on our blog and distributed via social media and our newsletter.  

We wanted a medium that allowed us to capture the experience of our team and guests in a more conversational format while still providing valuable information to marketers, specifically those at enterprise-level organizations undergoing complex software and web projects.  This podcast gives marketers a convenient way to grow their website and software development knowledge. It allows us to broaden the conversation around other topics like technology, strategy, and digital marketing. 

Episodes include audio and video, so those who want to watch our live interviews can do so on platforms like YouTube.

We have many interesting topics already lined up and are excited to share the knowledge we've gained in our 23 years as a website development and digital solutions company. 

To view our most recent podcast episodes, go to https://www.smoothfusion.com/podcast

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