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Progress® Sitefinity™ CMS

Looking for Sitefinity experts? Smooth Fusion has been building and maintaining sites built on the Sitefinity content management system for more than a decade. Our Sitefinity certified team can help you implement an award-winning site or provide you with support and maintenance.  

Sitefinity CMS 

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Custom Digital Experiences

Do you need a custom web site or web app developed? Whether you are a marketer, a member of an IT team, or you work with a marketing agency, let us show you how our team of designers, architects, developers, project managers, and quality assurance professionals can make your project a success.

Custom Digital Experiences 

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Fueling Success for Over 20 Years

Our story starts back in the mid-1990s when our CEO started writing programming textbooks for high school students. One of those books was the foundation for a Microsoft K-12 teaching initiative that led to the first website project, a site for the academic initiatives at Microsoft.  Since then Smooth Fusion has grown to a team of specialists that have completed thousands of website projects for companies. 

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DXFusion Digital Experience Platform

DXFusion is a modern digital experience platform built on Sitefinity, the award-winning digital experience and content management system by Progress.  DXFusion is a combination of product, services, and best practices born out of more than two decades of experience of the Smooth Fusion team.

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We have a robust portfolio available by request.

Marketing Services for Sitefinity CMS 

We recently launched new marketing services for companies utilizing Sitefinity CMS as their content management system. Our marketing services combine over a decade of experience in website design and discovery, and the development of enterprise websites on the Sitefinity platform with an experienced technical marketing team in SEO, data analytics, and technology. 

Our marketing services

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Our goal is to be your trusted technical partner.

We achieve this by delivering innovative websites, business applications, and marketing services to help your organization thrive. Since 2001, leading marketers and well-known brands have relied on us when planning and implementing digital projects.

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A few of the brands we've worked with.

Long-term partnerships from coast to coast. 

We serve sophisticated organizations and marketing agencies across the country and sometimes beyond in a variety of industries and verticals, including consumer products, technology, food and beverage, insurance, financial services, energy, and more.

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Our Latest Blogs

Marketing Services for Websites on Sitefinity CMS

sitefinity marketing services launch Written By Jake Picken

We are excited to announce the official launch of our marketing services for those who utilize Sitefinity as their content management system.

Successful websites share a few key elements: site metrics are constantly analyzed, performance is continually assessed, and the site evolves over time to meet customer demand and grow with your business. 

Since SEO has become more technically sophisticated, it is important for marketers and developers to be on the same page when it comes to site goals and the overall success of your website. 

Our marketing services combine over a decade of Sitefinity experience with a marketing team that is experienced in technical SEO, data analytics, and marketing technology. 

We have three different areas of focus: SEO services, data analytics, and integrations – all of which are specifically designed for organizations that have a website on Sitefinity CMS. 


SEO Services

Our SEO services focus on the performance of your website and will help you identify critical site issues that may be impacting search results. Once data is gathered, an SEO specialist will meet with your team to talk through the issues and discuss the options for addressing these problem areas of your website.

The goals of our SEO services:

  • Identify and address critical SEO issues 
  • Improve site performance
  • Increase search rankings
  • Drive more engagement and leads to your business

We are now offering three different services for search optimization:

  • SEO consulting
  • SEO site audit
  • On-page SEO

Learn more about our SEO services for Sitefinity CMS


Data Analytics Service

The importance of website data and analytics cannot be overstated. Knowing the behavior of your site visitors helps you create personalized digital experiences and arms your marketing and sales teams with useful information that will help them make data-informed decisions.

There are many tools available to companies for collecting website data, but the real value is when companies can use that data to measure performance and help drive marketing and sales efforts.

We set you up with the tools that capture the right data, analyze the data, and then provide key findings like trends, user behavior, and conversions.  

Our Data Analytics service will help you answer questions like: 

  • What are the most popular pages or blog posts on our site?
  • Why are some pages performing better than others?
  • What are the demographics of our site visitors?
  • How long does a user stay on our website?
  • How are people finding our site and what words or phrases are they searching to find us?
  • How many leads are coming to our business from our website?

Learn more about our data analytics services


Sitefinity Integration Services

Although we have years of experience integrating Sitefinity CMS with business systems, marketing tools, and other third-party applications – until now we have never marketed it as a service. More than ever before, consumers have a high expectation when it comes to the digital experience with companies and brands -- they want it personalized and consistent. Meeting and even exceeding the expectations of the modern consumer requires a fully integrated CMS. 

Sitefinity is one of the most extensible content management systems on the market. Integrating with other tools like your CRM or Sitefinity Insight can transform your website into a true digital experience platform – allowing you to personalize content for your audience with the data from other business systems. 

These services include integrating your Sitefinity website with third-party software, applications, and other business systems while also assisting with connecting marketing tools like Sitefinity Insight or Google Tag Manager.

Learn more about our services for Sitefinity Integrations


Get Started 

If you are looking for a Sitefinity Partner to work with that also offers marketing services then we would love to talk with you to see if we are a good fit.  We can schedule a call to talk about your current website, your marketing and sales goals, and determine if our services can help you reach those goals. 

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