Sitefinity CMS Hosting

Like any other piece of software, a website needs a reliable hosting solution. 

Sitefinity CMS Hosting You Can Count On

Your Progress Sitefinity CMS website will benefit from hosting solutions with Your Sitefinity Experts™ at Smooth Fusion.

We believe your site is only as good as your hosting solution. We understand that hosting plays a major part in the performance, speed, and security of your site so that's why our hosting services are built around keeping your site performing at its best, improving the speed at which your site and the content is loaded, and ensuring your site is safe and secure for you and your site visitors.

What to Expect

Best Practices for Hosting Sitefinity in Azure

servers hosting sitefinity on azure
We were one of the first to host websites built on Sitefinity CMS in Microsoft Azure so we've learned a lot over the years. In this article, we share some tricks and tips for keeping Sitefinity sites up and running smoothly in Azure. 


A Sitefinity Hosting Partner?

We want you to find the right Sitefinity Partner to host your website. Send us a message and we will help you determine if Smooth Fusion hosting is the right fit for you.


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Sitefinity v11 PDF Tutorial

sitefinity success guide Written By Todd Knowlton
Updated July 2020: There are now a new versions of this tutorial that specifically cover version 12.2 and version 13

Achieving success with Progress Sitefinity CMS involves obtaining the Sitefinity license right for you, finding an experienced Sitefinity implementation partner who understands your needs, and training those who manage the content day to day.

Partners like Smooth Fusion, and the helpful pros at Progress, can help you select the Sitefinity CMS license that suits you.

To help you evaluate Sitefinity Partners, Smooth Fusion provides 10 Questions to Ask Potential Sitefinity CMS Implementation Partners, which we encourage you to read if you have not already done so.

And to help you train those who will be using Sitefinity CMS to add and maintain content, Smooth Fusion has created the a tutorial called the Sitefinity Success Guide.

The Sitefinity Success Guide is a tutorial that teaches readers content management tasks such as:

  • Logging in to Sitefinity
  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Navigating within Sitefinity
  • Creating pages
  • Adding page content
  • Using the Toolbox
  • Manipulating page layout
  • Using widgets
  • Using content modules
  • Administering users, roles, permissions, and workflows
  • Utilizing the marketing features of Sitefinity CMS

The guide even gives you an introduction to advanced features like Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) and Site Synchronization.

Download your free copy of the Sitefinity Success Guide by completing this short form.

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