What is Sitefinity Insight?

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Written By Brad Hunt

In this Sitefinity Minute video, we talked about what Sitefinity Insight is and how the features can benefit your organization. 



What Sitefinity Insight does well is profiling and understanding your  audience  and part of that is yourself coming up with the personas and figuring out what  content your audience is looking at. 

Understanding the customer journey,  you can track people from the time  they're anonymous all the way to the time they become a known user. You can see all the pages they've looked at, the  forms they've interacted with, just  their journey through the site.

You can track personalized content  and I use the word track there because you really have to use this in  conjunction with Sitefinity. Sitefinity is the engine itself that  does the personalization and Insight is the thing that does the  tracking.

 And then track visitors across data  sources and devices and the way that works is with a cookie and with their  email address. As long as that user has used the device before on  your site, once they convert to a known contact by  completing a form, then you can track them and as long as  they've done that on multiple devices, you can see what they've done across  devices. 

And then you can track conversions and so those are typically  things like form completions but there are other ways to define conversions as  well. 

And then this is kind of a big one, it is to think about how the content  attributes to conversions, show does this one piece of content  affect whether or not somebody completes a form or  downloads a file and you can start to see in Insight  some neat little graphs that show that and then it gives you a sense for maybe  where to invest your time and content that's working or how to update content  that may not be performing as well.