How to Connect HubSpot to Sitefinity CMS

hubspot and sitefinity dashboards connecting via api Written By Brad Hunt

Connecting HubSpot to your Sitefinity CMS allows your organization to capture and transmit data from forms on Sitefinity to your CRM in HubSpot.

Connecting HubSpot is also useful when your company wants to use your CRM data to improve the user experience on your site like personalization.

In this video, we will show you how to connect your HubSpot CRM to Sitefinity. 




The first thing that we want to do in this video is were going to connect Sitefinity to HubSpot so that we can start recording data. 

That process starts by going under administration and connector for HubSpot. And my HubSpot ID is here because I've done this before. When you first come to this screen that won't be there.

You're going to be prompted to enter your HubSpot ID and your API key.  So let's see where we find those in Hubspot

The HubSpot ID you can find up under your profile information, mine is 839-1565.

Then to find the API key, you can go under your profile and preferences and on the left go to integrations an API key and you probably won't have one there when you come the first time but you will just click on create an API key and then you can copy that api key 
from here you can copy to your clipboard.

Go back over to Sitefinity and paste the API key.

And now it's connected. So that's what it should look like if your connection was successful. 



Steps for Connecting HubSpot to Sitefinity 

  1. Go under administration in Sitefinity
  2. Select Connector for HubSpot 
  3. Find Your HubSpot ID in HubSpot under profile information in the top right corner 
  4. Enter HubSpot ID in Sitefinity 
  5. Find Your API Key in HubSpot
  6. Go under Profile and Preferences --> Select Integrations and API Key in the left navigation
  7. Click on the button to create an API Key
  8. Copy the API key to your clipboard and then go back to Sitefinity and add in the API key
  9. Click on the Connect button to finalize the connection between HubSpot and Sitefinity
  10. You are now connected.